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As quoted by Edwin Markham, “Choices are the Hinges of Destiny.”

Every choice we make is shaping our present and future, it is leading us to our destiny. In our lives we need to take many important decisions regarding family, friends, career etc. But the decision that is going to decide our lifestyle, our social status, in crux our whole life is the career choice.

What is Career Choice?

career choice

We can say that Career Choice is the life changing decision about which career to pursue, among the various career options available in present scenario. It is the decision regarding what type of work we want to do to earn our living and then finding and deciding the path for that.

We have to look out for the courses available for that particular career and other things like training, which we have to undertake. Our career choice is greatly effected by our dreams, aspirations, parental influence, money, availability of courses and many other societal factors.

Choosing a right career as per your skills and abilities is imperative, if you want to lead a successful and satisfied life in future. Taking a wrong decision in career can lead you to low paying dead end jobs which will make your professional as well as your personal life miserable. Thus, making a right career choice after 12th is great for a bright future, but it should rather be a well informed decision than an impulsive decision making.

My Career, my identity

career identity

We all want to have a special and unique identity that can help us to leave a mark in the society so that we are remembered always even after death.

Is it our name that will mark our identity? The answer is NO, it is the work we do that marks our identity.

It is the career choice that determines it, e.g. if you wish to save people’s lives by entering medical field, your identity will be of a Doctor first than your name, if you are a social worker, you will always be called social worker first in all meetings or anywhere else. Thus, it is up to our Choice what identity we want in future.

Decide what identity you want.

Career Affect Our Lives,

A right Career choice will also affect our personal lives, as our daily routine, our social status, neighborhood, friends all will depend on this. Our daily routine will be greatly affected by our career choice because some careers demand early morning shifts like teaching whereas some demand late night shifts like working at BPO , this will in turn affect our relationships, as what time we get to spend with our family and friends depend on this.

In fact, even our health will be affected, if we are satisfied and happy, we will be in a happy mood, enjoying life but if we are not satisfied with our job, then we will be hating it with each passing day, leading us to stress and other health problems.

In short, we can say that our whole future life depends on this crucial decision of right career choice.

Money OR Happiness

In general, we all are told to make a career choice as per our skills but then also many of us face the dilemma of choosing a better paid job or a job of our interest, because many of us think that money is the solution to all problems, but making a choice in terms of money will ruin your future in long run.

We should not focus on short term goals while choosing a career, set your goals for long term and work hard to achieve them, only then we can lead a happy life. To achieve new height, one should always do what he/she loves, because only love can keep you motivated and can help you to keep going.


“ Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”, Albert Einstein

 So true, if Sachin was told to focus on maths and not cricket, we would never have the Sachin Tendulkar, because his skill is in cricket not in maths.

So, For choosing the right career, always starts with the first step of finding your interest areas, your skills. For this step, it is always better to keep money at second consideration, because if you will choose your interest area, you will like going to work and don’t have to worry if its Monday or Saturday.

You will try to learn new things, explore new avenues and will always feel motivated to do better. So even if your career is less paid in starting, it will lead you to success, fame and money in the long term.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in you life.” Confucius

If you choose a career with high pay but in which you are not interested, slowly you will get demotivated to do your work, you will start hating it and nagging about it. This will result to regular mistakes in work which will make you feel incompetent, thus making you stressful and unhappy. It can be a good choice in short run, but in long run it will ruin our lives.

Know Yourself

know yourself

Now, here comes the most important question “ How to find my interest areas” for a right career choice, its simple start evaluating yourself and list out all those things that you like to do, it can be as small as playing with kids to as large as going for river rafting or sky diving. Remember not to forget any of it. You can even ask your friends or family members, what they think which career will suit you to get a fresh perspective.

You can also take Career Choice/Aptitude test available online on various websites to find your interest area. It can give you an insight into your job personality and based on the characterization of your personality, you will learn what career options suits you best.

Next step is to identify careers related to your interest areas and evaluate them on various basis, like job guarantee, future growth, best paid, work environment etc. And in relation to the careers, find out the courses relevant to it. You can do this by searching online or you can take the help of a Career Counselor or Career Guide to find out the right career and courses for you. If you don’t have a career counselor then you can find out by talking to people already working in that field.

To be more precise, about your career choice, you can also take up internship at different organizations related to your choices. This will help you to make a practical analysis of various options. You will eventually find out that you dislike or like some part of your job. While doing internship, don’t look for money, do it even though you have to do it for free, this can help you in coming closer to the person you idolize and will take you a step forward to achieve your dreams.

At last, it is your choice, you want to follow society norms or you want to make your own choice and live your life. The right career choice will help you find meaning in the job you are doing, it will help you enjoy work as well as life. It also decides how you are contributing to the society.

Todays generation has a lot new ideas and opinions as they are being exposed to an array of career options, but it is always important to have a detailed action plan before you make a choice. Thus, choose you area, be it a job, or business or profession, enjoy it. That’s all you need to be successful and happy and satisfied.

Al last “ It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

choose career you enjoy

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