Hi, I am Richa.

Like many women, i also feel like i am a juggler, managing and balancing various roles of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law, and then also a teacher and Chartered Accountant by profession and now, also a Certified Handwriting Analyst.

And now, i have taken up this new role of blogger and counselor, with the only motive of guiding youth, who are in a crucial stage of their life, facing new responsibilities, new opportunities but also new threats and new fears.

As, i am closely associated with youth as a teacher, and also to some extent as their friend, i can understand their dilemma and i truly want to eliminate those dilemmas, so that they can live happily.

Also as a mother, i know how parents are concerned about their child’s future, as i also think about it, though my child is just 8 years old. And, in this new role i also want to ease their tension by giving them a clear picture of every career.

One of the most crucial thing for youth is to choose their career which will shape up their life, but taking this decision is quite hard and through Crinkle Eyes, I want to make it easy for them and their parents, by decoding each and every career in all aspects and also guiding you to choose your career.

If you will ask any parent, what career they want for their child, they have only few options like engineering, medical, MBA or CA CS. But, this is not true, in this global environment, there are so many career options that you can easily choose as per your interest and you can make good money.

Thus, i want to make you all know about those careers, from where you can pursue them and what are their future prospects. Also, there are some inspiring stories of some common people who have achieved something extraordinary in their life, to motivate you to live your life fully and keep smiling,

as it is the basic motive of CRINKLE EYES to give you an HONEST SMILE.

crinkle eyes
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